Advice on How to Make Your Nonprofit Website Mobile-Friendly


If you are a nonprofit organization working in 2015, it is very important that your website be mobile-friendly. As the use of cellular phones continues to rise throughout the years, so does the number of donations to nonprofits that occur exclusively via mobile phone. Here are five pieces of advice from Beth Kanter’s latest blog post on how to be successful in launching your mobile site:

1) Check your Google Stats

You must first get to know your audience before you can launch your mobile site. These stats will let you know how many people are visiting your site through mobile phones. These analytics can even tell you if people are leaving your site quickly (AKA, your site does not translate onto a mobile phone well). Then, you can make the choice of whether or not to join the rest of the 21st Century with a mobile site.

2) Accept that mobile design should be a part of your nonprofit’s web design

Let’s face it: if people can’t access your nonprofit’s website through their mobile phone, they’re not going to bother accessing it at all. If you are one of those organizations without a mobile-friendly website, I hate to break it to you, but you are horribly out of date. Your website must change as your business changes! Incorporate your mobile site into your organization’s integrated digital strategy and accept the fact that you may have to pay for a web designer.

3) Take the test

As in, testing the site. You must take practical action to ensure that your site is, in fact, working on the mobile device. Follow these six steps to achieve this: (1) Test the site; (2) Note the feedback as to what is not working; (3) Meet with the person who built your site and discuss findings; (4) If said person is not available, ask local people in your organization network who they recommend; (5) Interview these people, get quotes, make a decision and create a budget; (6) Work the project plan. This is the only way to guarantee that your mobile-friendly site is actually mobile-friendly!

4) Do web redesign in phases

This comes after your site has already been launched as mobile-friendly. It is important not to jump into a hundred changes at once, as it will confuse both you and the visitor. Conducting redesign in phases is also a little nicer on the budget. This step overall ensures that all parts of your mobile site are responsive and that visitors don’t get stuck unable to use the donate button.

5) Make sure donation pages are mobile friendly as well

As we know, the main goal of a nonprofit organization is to rake in the donations. If people get to your site and are unable to donate, they may never revisit or try again. It is vital that the donation button is working and active on a mobile site as well as an Internet site. About 70% of donations are completed on mobile devices for some companies. You would definitely not want to miss out on those numbers by having an unresponsive site.

About the Author:

Elizabeth (Libby) Hewitt is a junior at the University of Iowa, studying Journalism & Mass Communications and Studio Art. She is hoping to pursue a career in Public Relations after attending graduate school.


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