Your Nonprofit & Pinterest

Pinterest is still a fairly new social media platform. However, attracting more than 19 million visitors, it’s one of the fourth most trafficked social networking sites. With heavy traffic from unique users, it’s time your nonprofit joined the world of Pinterest. For those of us who need a little help, here’s a step-by-step-tutorial on how to set up your Pinterest. Nonprofits like UNICEF and World Wildlife Federation are very active on Pinterest, and so should you. The masses to Pinterest are increasing everyday. With picture-based “boards,” audiences are much more likely to be engaged and stay engaged through this social media platform. With these tips, your nonprofit’s Pinterest will be up and pinning in no time!

  1. Sign up to reserve a relevant, easy-to remember username, such as If your username is not relevant or easy to remember, people will overlook you as a nonprofit and will not want to waste time trying to find your page.
  1. Pin your nonprofit’s own web content. This could include social media posts, YouTube videos, or blog posts. However, your nonprofit needs to make sure there is an appealing visual that goes along with it. No one will click on a boring, unappealing photo.
  1. Add quality descriptions to your Pins. Make sure the captions on your pins reflect your organization and support your mission. Be sure to be concise, and leave it to 2-3 sentences. Also, be sure to be grammatically correct and use proper punctuation!
  1. Add clickable links within your Pin descriptions. By putting a URL in your description, you have the opportunity to increase traffic to your other websites and referral traffic. This also lets the user engage by clicking.
  1. Add #hashtags in your Pin descriptions. Pinterest recently started using hashtags, and using them in your descriptions increases the likelihood of users seeing your Pins. Be sure to use one per Pin, and use common search terms or trending hashtags.
  1. Add your logo or avatar to your images on Pinterest. It’s an effective way to brand your organization. Users will then connect your organization to that image, whatever it may be.
  1. Embed inspirational quotes onto your original images. Pinterest and its users love inspirational quotes!
  1. Space your pinning throughout the day. Pins have a peak life span of about 90 minutes. That being said, posting ten pins right away in the morning is not an efficient use of Pinterest. Space them out every few hours and build up your boards slowly.
  1. Be sure to fill in your Board Description, and make sure it’s SEO-friendly. Many non profits unfortunately leave their board descriptions empty, overlooking their advantages. These descriptions are highly favored by search engines, and using keyword-rich descriptions will help your organization pop up when people search certain words or terms. Make sure to keep it to 500 words or less.

With the growing popularity of Pinterest in the nonprofit world, it’s time for your organization to join! With these easy tips, your nonprofit will be able to engage and captivate your supporters, and maybe even gain new ones!

About the Author: Hannah is an undergraduate at The University of Iowa, studying Communication Studies and Journalism. She hopes to one day work in Fashion Public Relations.


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