In the Absence of a Message, Use Your Social Media

For those of you too far away or too busy to make the University of Iowa’s Fundraising and Philanthropy Conference over the weekend, you missed out.

In the first breakout session of the day, I heard the words: “in the absence of a message, onEPSON scanner imagee will be created for you” come out of Al Setka’s mouth. That was nearly the only mention of social media in crisis communication; so is there a place for social media in a crisis communication plan or response?

Yes. The answer is always yes.

Social media is an integral part of our everyday lives now; even during the conference we were encouraged to tweet!

The panel addressed this same question and their response was of course; social media is a “direct conduit to people” and it has drastically affected the time element of a response. In the case of, social media was their response.

Hillary Fussell-Sisco presented a case study in which accidentally sent out a mass text message and violated the trust of their teen audience. Their response was to create and send out a Spotify apology playlist featuring songs including “If I Could Turn Back Time.” They really did something there, and they needed to.

Pew Research Studies show that 30 percent of adults using Facebook, get their news their. On top of that, 50 percent of those adults viewing news on social media are engaging with it.

So my suggestions (coming straight from the mouth of Mr. Al Setka), “Be the first to the blackboard; any story about you is better with you in it.” AKA USE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA.


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