How to Improve your Organization’s Fundraising Strategy

Moving from “fundraising” to a “culture of philanthropy”

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The way in which nonprofits fundraise is rapidly changing. Many who are successful have learned that an organizational shift in approaching the task of raising funds is key.

In an article published by the Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr. Fund, we learn that the more traditional or typical approach to fundraising – designating the responsibility to a specific individual or team – is no longer the smartest strategy. Developing a culture of philanthropy among your nonprofit is an increasingly important priority, and it requires serious organizational harmony.

The new strategy of nonprofit fundraising requires everyone within your organization to make fundraising his or her responsibility. This means not just your fundraiser, but also your board, staff, and executive director will integrate fundraising into their duties. This is proving to be the best way to strategize fundraising success.

Nadia Doubiany is a senior at the University of Iowa earning a BA in International Studies with an emphasis in Human Rights, a Certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy Communication, and a Minor in Spanish. She currently works as Program Coordinator for the Council for International Visitors to Iowa Cities – a local nonprofit, and looks forward to a career in Human Rights advocacy and Community Development.


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