4 Effective Fundraising Strategies

By Natalie Roytman

Philanthropic trends have become popular recently, a prime example being the ice bucket challenge that raised money for ALS. Although it raised millions of dollars and provided entertainment on social media, the fad ultimately came to an end. Here are four ways to effectively fundraise for the long run:

 1. Have an annual fund appeal

An annual fund is an initiative to raise money for the current year’s expenses. Research by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative shows that nonprofits that have an annual fund raise more money than those who don’t.

 2. Try to keep a high donor retention rate

Organizations with high donor retention say that their donors increase their gifts year after year.

 3. Don’t offer gifts for donations

Gifts don’t seem to result in a higher donor retention rate or an increase in giving. Gifts are usually items or memberships with benefits. Gift clubs (categories of giving in the annual report) have been known to have a positive effect.

 4. Thank your donors more than once

If your donors know that they are appreciated and keep getting notes of gratitude from your organization, they will likely be motivated to continue donating to your cause. A hand-written note is a very effective way of keeping them involved and inspiring them to increase their donations.


About the Author:  Natalie Roytman is a senior studying journalism and international studies at the University of Iowa. She enjoys traveling, taking photos, writing and spending time with her family and friends.


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