3 Tips for Nonprofits Using Mail to Reach Out to Donors

By Natalie Roytman

Small and large nonprofits have different tactics when sending out mail. However, they can both learn from each other on how to effectively reach out to their donors.

1. Don’t offer useless gifts in return for a donation

People don’t want pocket calendars to motivate them to donate again. They just want to know that their money is being put to good use and helping a cause. Larger organizations tend to have more money to spend on gifts than smaller organizations, but that isn’t necessarily helpful to them.

2. Keep the organization’s information short

People usually skim through their mail, so they most likely won’t read long letters about the needs of your organization. If you keep it short, they will more likely understand the purpose of the message.

3. Create a personal touch

Hand-written thank you notes may encourage donors to give again. It makes them feel appreciated and recognized.


About the Author:  Natalie Roytman is a senior studying journalism and international studies at the University of Iowa. She enjoys traveling, taking photos, writing and spending time with her family and friends.


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