Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Nonprofit Employees Motivated for the Long Run

Keeping staff members motivated can be a difficult task, especially in the nonprofit world where compensation is not the primary motivation behind the work being done. Ask anyone involved in a nonprofit, and they will most likely say that they are involved with that organization because they feel a connection with the goals, values, and standards that the organization holds itself to. Apart from that key factor, there are several other aspects that need to be incorporated into a nonprofit’s atmosphere in order to retain their paid staff members.

According to Best Companies Group (BCG) there are ten key factors that lead to high employee retention rates and overall satisfaction in the nonprofit work environment.

Employees should:

  •  Like the type of work that they do;
  •  Have confidence in the leadership of the organization;
  •  Feel like they have made progress at work;
  •  Feel part of a team working toward a shared goal;
  •  Receive fair pay for the work performed;
  •  Have fun at work;
  •  Have a supervisor that is able to handle work-related issues satisfactorily;
  •  Work for an organization that provides the technology, equipment and resources needed to do the job well; and,
  •  Feel valued within the organization as a whole.

These ten motivators not only keep paid staff members motivated to do their job and do it well, but help nonprofits retain their workers and provide a stable, positive, and productive environment for the organization and it’s members to grow.


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