Posted in April 2015

Why social media isn’t a good fundraising tool

By Jake Mosbach There’s no secret that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. can be very helpful tools for nonprofit organizations to spread their mission and values.  Social media can reach all corners of the globe, so why not utilize it, right?  But, are you thinking about using your nonprofit’s social … Continue reading

Linking in to LinkedIn for Nonprofits

For those of you getting bored with Facebook or just looking to expand your social media presence, Take a look at LinkedIn. Pew Research Center’s data shows that LinkedIn is the second highest rated social media as far as users go, surpassed only by Facebook. Further data from Business Insider also shows that their demographics … Continue reading

Advice to Nonprofits for Partnering with Celebrities

Using celebrities to promote a fundraising campaign (particularly crowd-funding) has become a common practice for many nonprofits. Since this trend has become more popular, we have learned about several issues and best practices in partnering with celebrities. Partnering with a well-known public figure often boosts campaigns, but knowing the most appropriate and effective way of … Continue reading

Feedback is a Gift

By Kimberly Leskovec When becoming a part of an organization many volunteers and donors want to feel like they are making a difference. Movie Mondays post about “Strengthening Donor Relationships with Questions”, says that when donors and volunteers don’t feel like they are contributing the way they want to, they should be able to voice their … Continue reading

The Importance of “I-We-It”

Have you ever heard the saying, “good things come in threes”? Primary colors, The Three Stooges, BLT’s. Beth Kanter, philanthropic blogger, agrees that good things come in threes. She recently shared a blog post in which she talks about the framework of everyday philanthropy. Beth expressed the idea of I-We-It, founded by the American Leadership Forum … Continue reading

10 Tips for Effective Grant Writing

  Grants remain the most used resource for financial sustainability among nonprofit news organizations, according to a study featured in The Chronicle of Philanthropy. GuideStar provides 10 grant writing tips that are applicable to many causes. By Maddie Bro In response to cutbacks seen in traditional journalism, many news outlets have turned to a nonprofit model to ensure the financial … Continue reading

Twitter to the Top: A Pictorial Guide

By Tarah DeSousa Visual note-taking has never been more virtual. Thanks to Sketchnotes on the Ipad Brushes app, you can upload your sketches for all the world to see.  Check out a few of these simple sketches on social media in general and Twitter specifically, created live during the Social Media Marketing World 2015 conference. So … Continue reading

2 Vidal Ways Corporations Can Benefit Your Nonprofit

Some companies just understand the importance of giving back to the community. They understand that nonprofits are out trying to make the world a better place, and working hard to do so. Many companies have even created giving programs within company policy that make their company able to provide more funds, in more ways, to more organizations. … Continue reading