5 Ways to Manage Your Online Professional Contacts


Are you a nonprofit professional working in 2015? Do you still use a Rolodex to manage your online professional contacts? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you’ve got some work to do. Beth Kanter explains how to be successful in keeping network connections organized in her latest blog post.

Yes, the Rolodex was a staple in any office five or ten years ago. Now, however, there are plenty more efficient ways to keep all your contacts organized without losing people in the mix. Here are 5 outlets that will be useful in your office:

1) LinkedIn

Every single professional should be familiar with and using LinkedIn for multiple reasons. Think of your LinkedIn account as your new Rolodex on steroids. Utilize the ‘Relationships’ tab to assign tags and little notes to new contacts. This way, you will be able to remember each and every contact you add and it will make searching much easier and faster.

 2) EverContact

This program takes email signatures from your contacts and adds them directly into your address book. The benefits of this are obvious. You will no longer have to waste time sifting through your emails or phone book just for a phone number or email address. It also acts as a caller ID system, so you know which calls to screen and which to actually pick up.

3) Rapportive

This is an extension of the Google Chrome system. It becomes the lazy person’s way to do his or her prep work for a meeting or interview by adding someone’s social profile to who ever you are emailing. This helps in getting the attention of the recipient as well as making your email look cool and stand out.

 4) YesWare

YesWare is the place to look if you need a new email template. We know it can be tedious to alter emails differently for different recipients, and this program makes the task much less daunting. YesWare is compatible for both Gmail and Outlook email accounts and can also be used to track open rates of your emails.

5) Boomerang

This is a program that allows you to set reminders via Gmail to follow up with contacts. Following up is one of the most important ways to build a network, but it is easy to forget. Boomerang allows you to set an alarm in advance so you’ll never forget to send that email again.

About the Author:

 Elizabeth (Libby) Hewitt is a junior at the University of Iowa, studying Journalism & Mass Communications and Studio Art. She is hoping to pursue a career in Public Relations after attending graduate school.


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