How should you share?

By Tarah DeSousa

There’s no question that social media has changed the way you communicate in your nonprofit.  But are you sharing the right content, on the right platforms?  An article on social sharing habits reveals new research on how, where and what people share. Read on to revamp your communication strategy today.

Move to mobile

According to the article, mobile sharing (of social media content) has doubled since 2014.  Furthermore, users spend 20% of their time sharing content while on their phones, as opposed to a 6% sharing rate for time spent on desktop computers.  So what does this mean for your nonprofit?

If you don’t currently have a mobile friendly version of your website, now’s the time to get one.  And while you’re at it, be sure to check your Facebook page and other social media applications on your phone to make sure they are streamlined and mobile-friendly.  To get shares, your content must be clean, easy to read and understand, and positive.  If people are spending their free time looking at your organization’s posts, then those posts should be tailored to fit their needs.  People love a good profile or success story, so treat them to a short anecdote with a simple layout, for ease of reading while on-the-go.

Social media sharing activity on various devices and operating systems

People love lists

With the advent of BuzzFeed and other listicle-driven media, the internet has made “list” and “why” posts the hottest commodity on the social media market.  The top articles shared by consumers are list-based articles, articles explaining a concept, or how-to/tutorial posts.

Assuming you are a nonprofit that can shape articles into list-based posts while staying true to your message, you should start integrating a listicle post into your weekly or monthly content plan as soon as you can.  Make your listicle stand out with pictures, gifs or infographics representative of your organization’s story and impact.  And don’t forget to interact with the users sharing your content! Build relationships with your audience through the stories and messages you relay.

Don’t forgo Facebook

Although Facebook is becoming somewhat of a dinosaur in the growing realm of social media applications, it still dominates the social sharing market.  The article mentions that 81% of all shares occurring on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and three other platforms combined, originated on Facebook.

So, while your organization might be anxious to try new avenues of engagement, don’t forgo your Facebook page just yet.  There is still plenty of content to cover, post, and share on Facebook to engage donors, volunteers and beneficiaries.  That said, Instagram is emerging as a worthy contender in the fight for “top sharing platform.” Sign your nonprofit up for an account and start posting now.

Don’t be fooled by the research, though. The most important takeaway on sharing content is to know your audience, and know your message. The platform can only do so much. You are why followers engage with the message.

About the Author:  Tarah DeSousa is a junior studying Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa.  She is also pursuing a minor in English and a Certificate in Writing. When Tarah isn’t reading or writing for class, she is working at the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center as a communications intern.  In her free time she enjoys rowing, running, shopping and spending time with friends.


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