Silver Linings: Why your nonprofit is worth it

It is no surprise that working for a nonprofit can be stressful. Sometimes the endless paperwork, financial woes, and anything else that can go wrong don’t seem worth the minimal or nonexistent paycheck. This week, while caught up in the drama of my own nonprofit, I almost lost sight of why I was doing it in the first place. That is, until I remembered a blog I came across months ago called “The Silver Pen” by a woman named Hollye Jacobs. Jacobs is a breast cancer survivor who now keeps a blog and travels the country telling her story on how she learned to find life’s silver linings.

The term ‘silver lining’ derives from the notion that every cloud has a silver lining: there is good in every bad. Remembering Jacob’s theories on finding the good helped me to remember that my stress in my nonprofit was not all that bad. When feeling stressed about your organization, remember these silver linings that make it all worth it:


1. You are stressed because you care

If your organization weren’t something that was important to you, you wouldn’t be putting in the work. Being lucky enough to care so much about a cause is a silver lining in itself.

2. Conflict creates progress

With every problem is an opportunity for a solution. Do not focus on what is wrong, but focus on what can be done to make it right. Fixing an issue within your nonprofit will leave you better off in the long run.

3. You are the silver lining

Think about the reason your nonprofit was created in the first place. Most likely, it was put it place to bring positive to a negative situation, almost or exactly like a silver lining. Remember all those who you have helped along the way and be proud of you and your nonprofit have done. Your hard work is worth it!

About the Author: Rachel Spector is a senior communications studies major at the University of Iowa. She currently serves the University of Iowa Dance Marathon as the Social Media Chair and hopes to work in social media marketing post graduation. 


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