How minorities can make or break your non-profit organization

By Jake Mosbach


A new study has suggested that, among donors, caucasians are grossly overrepresented compared to their total population.  On the other end of the spectrum, Hispanics and African Americans are greatly underrepresented, and this could be having a large impact on some non-profit organizations’ fundraising environment.

According to the study, non-profits in today’s world are still adhering to many of the fundraising practices employed by organizations in the past.  Many, if not most of these practices cater to White America.  These strategies used are not necessarily as appealing to minorities in today’s vast and incredibly diverse society.

A large number of minorities polled in the study admitted that, if they were actually asked to donate to a non-profit organization, they would definitely do so.  But because most strategies today still don’t target minorities, they are often never solicited to give.  This ultimately means that many non-profits are missing out on huge donation opportunities.

The role of minorities in the non-profit world still seems to be a work in progress, with many ethnicities and races missing out on many fundraising opportunities.  If non-profit organizations wish to receive donations from these groups, their strategies for solicitation must change, and it must include minorities.

Jake Mosbach is a junior at the University of Iowa studying Journalism and Mass Communication with a focus in Sports Studies.  He intends to graduate in May 2016 and work in Sports Journalism.


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