Controversial Donations

Money is money, right? Wrong. A recent article demonstrates examples where donated money and the organization it comes from has a lot to do with whether or not a nonprofit being offered the money will accept the money.


A particular porn site known as Hump the Bundle raised over $15,000 in donations, but it seems their good deeds are wasted because they can hardly find any charity that will accept their money due to the nature of their organization.

The creator of Hump the Bundle, a man who goes by the name Humpy Leftnut, said, “I don’t think charities love the idea of giving money back, and even worse — paying staff members to figure out what money is icky enough to refuse,” he says. “But they feel they’re put in this situation by their rich and/or religious donors. Why risk it?”

However, this doesn’t mean that Hump the Bundle hasn’t found people to partner with them. Able Gamers is a nonprofit that makes video games specifically for people with mental disabilities and Angels Giving Tree gives toys to the homeless.

A valuable takeaway from this article is to understand the potential controversy that can occur by associating with organizations that don’t align with the mission of your own. Imagine learning a nonprofit focused on helping people quit smoking receives 75% of their donations from the tobacco companies.

Another point to consider is what your already faithful donors would think and how that could impact their decision to continue to donate to your organization.

It is your responsibility as an organization to to be conscience of just exactly where your donated dollars are coming from.

Eden Youngberg is a senior Journalism and Mass Communications major pursuing certificates in Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship. She is involved in Public Relations Student Society of America and is currently working as a fundraising intern at AMPERAGE Marketing. She hopes to be involved in nonprofits after graduation in May.


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