Digital Media, Don’t Forget the Baby-Boomers!

Don’t Leave Older Donors Out of Your Digital Media Plan


 By Drew Wherry,  8 March 2015

It’s only a matter of time. One day you open your Facebook to see that your grandma has sent you a friend request. So now that the baby-boomers are members of the digital age, why are we still not taking them in to account when we are planning our digital media strategies for fundraising campaigns?   Especially when they are the demographic that consistently donates more than any other.

Recently Himanshu Sareen discussed just how to engage older donors using digital media. In is post for the Philanthropy News Digest, Sareen discusses five tips you should take into account when designing your social media to capture this demographic.

Older donors are much more tech-savvy than many give them credit for

Nearly 3 out of 5 donors age 66 and older currently make donations via the web.

Tablets and smart phones have made internet more radially which intern has made online donating more accessible. Older population has been shown to be just adaptive as their younger counterparts. So keep this in mind when starting a digital campaign.

Make your site more accessible to older donors

When designing your website it’s a good idea to strike a happy balance between quality design and carefully considered user-friendliness. Bigger fonts, easy-to-read color and easy navigation are all things to take into consideration.

Take advantage of design trends that are friendly even to older users

In order to make your site as senior-friendly as possible, keep things just simple enough to accommodate older users while still providing appeal to younger audiences.  This is especially important to keep in mind when designing mobile apps which are on even smaller and harder to use screens.

Speaking of Apps, don’t forget to go mobile

From 2012 to 2013, mobile usage among Americans over the age of 65 more than tripled, and the number is still growing. When developing a website or mobile app, it’s important to keep your older constituents in mind and to develop your strategy accordingly.

Use social media

Remember? Your grandma friend requested you.  She has a mobile network too and don’t be afraid to tap into it.

These are some simple tips that if unitized can help you reach the demographic that is more likely to give to your organization.


About the Author

Drew Wherry is a junior at the University of Iowa’s School of Journalism and is currently working on certificates in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy Communications.  He is the Director of Tee it Up for the Troops – Iowa City Golf Event, the No Labels State Director of Iowa and Vice President of the University of Iowa Veteran Association (UIVA).  After graduation Drew hopes to work in the nonprofit sector specifically with organizations that specialize in Veteran’s issues.














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