A pitch they won’t forget

Kimberly Leskovec

elevator pitch

Stressed about giving an elevator pitch?

Many nonprofits find it difficult to narrow down all the different aspects of their organization. It is important to shape your message to best spark the interest of the audience. Some people may feel bombarded with information if you try to cram a ton of facts and stories into one pitch. The key is to let them tell you how much they need or want to know.

It doesn’t have to be a speech.

Movie Mondays gives us an easier way to capture your audience’s attention and ultimately get your audience more engaged. Be clear and simple with these three steps:


What is it that you do, your mission statement


“Why you?”, what’s the need in the community, overlying problem


Moving from learning to doing, how can they volunteer

It isn’t just one pitch but rather three different ones. If they already know the first two don’t waste their time explaining it over again because you only have so much time to catch their interest.

About the blogger: Kimberly Leskovec is a junior studying Communication Studies at the University of Iowa. She is also pursuing a Certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy and a minor in Human Relations. She is interested in improving her knowledge of fundraising as well as learning the necessary skills to be effective in the non-profit world. In her free time, she enjoys running, spending time with friends and family, watching movies, and hiking.


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