Posted in March 2015

3 Things Nonprofits Should Do While Online Fundraising

By Natalie Roytman Online fundraising has become increasingly popular in the last few years because of this generation’s high use of social media. According to the Nonprofit Quarterly, several nonprofits haven’t been utilizing their websites and social media to raise their donations. A recent U.S report looked at 151 nonprofit websites and found that most … Continue reading

Late Nights and Your Nonprofit

By Katie Reynolds A recent post on Beth’s Blog discusses the most important asset you can protect in your work: your sleep. Throughout college and into life as an adult we cultivate, either consciously or subconsciously, the mentality that “one hour less of sleep equals one more hour of productivity”. This is especially true in the … Continue reading

New Mindset, New Results

By Kimberly Leskovec A main source of revenue for nonprofits comes from their donors. Many nonprofit workers get so caught up with raising money for the cause that they forget that these donors are people too. The Chronicle of Philanthropy explains how a positive mind-set can improve fundraising and ultimately help one achieve life happiness. … Continue reading

3 Steps To Building Culture Within Your Nonprofit

Nicole Bradley Nonprofit Quarterly recently issued an article discussing the importance of establishing culture within your nonprofit organization. Culture within an organization is important for many reasons — internally, it is important for staff to get along and be able to work well together. Without internal cooperation, the organization can suffer externally as well. Donors are … Continue reading

How should you share?

By Tarah DeSousa There’s no question that social media has changed the way you communicate in your nonprofit.  But are you sharing the right content, on the right platforms?  An article on social sharing habits reveals new research on how, where and what people share. Read on to revamp your communication strategy today. Move to … Continue reading

3 Keys to Positive, Productive Donor Relationships

Thinking of your donors as partners rather than bags of money will improve donors’ happiness and lead to increased funds for your nonprofit organization, according to an expert. By Maddie Bro “We become what we think about.” This phrase, coined by self-help speaker and author Earl Nightingale, reflects his observation about human behavior: our thoughts influence our actions, beliefs, and relationships. … Continue reading

How to Spot Red Flags within Your Nonprofit

We hear on the news consistently of businesses and nonprofits alike running low on cash, going bankrupt, and shutting down. It seems though, that there should be checks in place to prevent such fallout from happening. Were board members neglecting financial paperwork? Ignoring signs of diminishing cash flow? It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly leads … Continue reading