Posted in February 2015

6 Suggestions For Leading With Your Heart

Often in the world of philanthropy, as in life, we can get so caught up in making money and seeing progress, that we lose sight of what we are working so hard to achieve. Webster’s dictionary defines philanthropy as, “the practice of giving money and time to help make life better for other people.” To … Continue reading

4 Ways Organizations are Improving College Opportunities for Low-Income Students

By Natalie Roytman According to Philanthropy News Digest, the White House declared that several organizations throughout the country have made commitments to make college accessible for low-income students in four ways: 1. Promoting the completion of college Organizations want to build networks of colleges that focus on completing college. This will help students finish their work … Continue reading

Social Media Really is a Full-time Job

By Shelby Cronk You need a social media consultant, manger, director, or whatever title you want to give it, in your office. In a recent report, Americans’ internet activity is now predominately social media interaction, surpassing even email. With that said, your nonprofit could seriously benefit from this activity if you would hire a social … Continue reading

How to Understand Your Environment and Optimize Your Outreach – Tools for Nonprofit Management

This year, the nonprofit Bridgespan Group is collaborating with The Chronicle of Philanthropy to start a new report offering guidance to nonprofit leaders to identify the best nonprofit management tools. One of the most important takeaways from this report is the importance of knowing your environment. Most people working in the nonprofit world know … Continue reading