Why Women Donate More than Men, and How to Fill the Gap


It is common knowledge in the non-profit world that women tend to give more money than men. But why?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy posted an article last week that explained a new reason for why women tend to donate

more money to charity than men. A study conducted by Stanford University showed that men are more likely to donate if the message stresses self-interest.

Men want to know how giving money will help them, not those in need. Typical male, if you ask me…

Women tend to give more because they are empathetic and caring. When shown a message that shows injustice or suffering, women are more likely to hit that “Donate Now” button.

But as a non-profit, you want to know how to reach these men who are potential donors.

Start by creating more messages stressing how the problems your organization wants to solve affect the lives of these men. For example, the study used a message that said, “Poverty weighs down our interconnected economy, exacerbating many social problems like crime.”

If men see that poverty could possibly increase crime in their area, endangering their loved ones, the message will affect them more than if it was an emotional story about an impoverished family.

So switch things up and take a different approach to your social media and website, and you will surely see the benefit–more male donors!

About the writer: Erin is a junior at the University studying Journalism and Entrepreneurship. She is undecided about what she wants to do after school. She is passionate about writing, dogs, and Chipotle. 


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