Put a Ring on It: How and Why Engagement Campaigns Can Help Your Nonprofit


by Julia-Kaye Rohlf

Have you ever wondered how many people are actually listening to you? We all know that situations we encounter in our personal lives daily that leave you wondering if the people around you are hearing what you are saying. For example, when your significant other brings home the groceries but forgot that one item you asked for specifically, it makes you wonder, “do they actually hear what I am saying?”

When you are working a nonprofit, there can be many times where you wonder if people are actually listening to your messages. Sure you might have a lot of social media followers, and your posts can get a good amount of LIKEs, but you LIKE a lot of posts on your FaceBook and you don’t give it much thought.

How can you gage how your audience receives your message(s) more closely? Do what any person who is in a relationship and needs to see how serious their partner really is would do. Get engaged! Well sort of. . . engage them.

Engagement campaigns have many benefits for nonprofit organizations, one of them being that you can learn more about who is listening to you and your message. A case study presented by Debra Askanase that appeared in CommunityOrganizer2.0 gave information on how effective engagement campaigns were for nonprofit organizations.

Not only is it a possible way to have money donated to your nonprofit, but you can also call people to action depending on your cause. The case study points out that at the after the engagement campaign, your nonprofit organization will know:

1. What online medium is most effective for you (website, social media, newsletter, etc.)

2. Which audience members are most committed

3. How many audience members will take action for you

4. The online personas of the most committed audience members

In a world where being one step ahead of everyone else is key, engagement campaigns can help you gain the knowledge and action that your nonprofit could be looking for. Start a campaign of your own and see who is listening.

About the Author: Julia-Kaye is an undergraduate at the University of Iowa studying English, mass communications, and theatre.  She hopes to work in the media business to help alter the way women are depicted.


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