4 Ways Organizations are Improving College Opportunities for Low-Income Students

By Natalie Roytman

According to Philanthropy News Digest, the White House declared that several organizations throughout the country have made commitments to make college accessible for low-income students in four ways:

1. Promoting the completion of college

Organizations want to build networks of colleges that focus on completing college. This will help students finish their work to achieve the degree that they desire.

2. Making K-16 partnerships around college readiness

This makes policies for students regarding graduation requirements and admission.

3. Investing in high school counselors

Counselors help students with the college application process and provide support when it is needed.

4. Increasing the number of graduates in science and mathematics

Organizations want to increase the number of career-ready college graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

President Obama announced that $10 million would be given to fund college completion programs and $30 million would be given to an AmeriCorps program to improve low-income students’ opportunity to go to college.

I think that giving students the opportunity to go to college who otherwise wouldn’t is crucial. Education is incredibly important, and there are many career opportunities available with a college education. If you attended a university, you can donate money towards it and give back so that you can improve the many possibilities it offers for current students. Here are a few reasons to donate to your college.


image via whatisorange.org


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