Social Media Really is a Full-time Job

By Shelby Cronk

You need a social media consultant, manger, director, or whatever title you want to give it, in your media day

In a recent report, Americans’ internet activity is now predominately social media interaction, surpassing even email. With that said, your nonprofit could seriously benefit from this activity if you would hire a social media guru.

At this point, you are wondering how someone can “tweeter” for 8 hours a day and call it a job. The fact of the matter is that to stay ahead of the game it is more than just tweeting or posting. It is about actively engaging with your audience.

At each hour of the day, the infographic at the right gives you a few options to actively participate in the social media environment.

How to slowly integrate this position into your nonprofit: 

1. If you are unable to hire a full-time social media marketer, assign an intern to it. This isn’t the best option, but it will work until you prove that social media is worth your budget. I don’t recommend an intern because they are young; I recommend using an intern because this is more worth while for both of you than them fetching coffee.

2. Set up a social media policy and plan. The policy is for you board. It makes them comfortable with the idea; lays out the ground rules of the dos and do nots in black and white. Boards like black and white. The plan is for your intern so they can be sure to stay on schedule.

3. Allow the intern the time to do the social media. It isn’t fair to expect them to put in 12 hours a day on social media on top of fetching coffee, writing press releases, and filing all those old reports. Be sure to allow them time in the morning, afternoon, and right before they go home to successfully manage the social media.

4. Use analytics and statistics to prove to your board that a full-time social media marketer is worth your budget; maybe you could throw your intern a bone for the good work and hire them full time.

This last step is the ultimate goal: gain a full-time social media marketer!

About the author: Shelby is a senior pursuing majors in Journalism and Mass Communications and Communication Studies and a certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy. She is active in the University of Iowa’s Public Relations Student Society of America and hopes to work in the public relations or consulting fields after college.


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