Donors of the Future

By Jake Mosbach


Calling all non-profit professionals: A new generation of donors is here, and it could ultimately determine the success or failure of your campaign for a very long time.

“Millennials” are quickly becoming the most powerful and influential donors to non-profit organizations. The term “millennials” refers to the age group with reached young adulthood around the turn of the new millennium, and it is estimated that 85% of millennials now donate to some sort of non-profit organization. So how can you sway these millennials to support your cause?


  1. One way to appeal to this age group is to offer various ways to get involved. Millennials appear to be very hands-on when it comes to participation and support of non-profit organizations, so giving them multiple diverse ways to support your cause may click with them, making them more likely to support you.


  1. Millennials are the pioneers as well as the largest supporters of the social networking phenomenon. Thus, social networking/media platforms will be absolutely crucial in the effort to capture their support. Facilitating and building connections, both online and in-person, is important for any campaign’s success, but may be most important to non-profit organizations vying for donations.


  1. Lastly, focus on social issues. Millennials, more often than not, tend to be concerned with social issues more than other age groups. Many non-profit organizations are centered on social issues, so millennials will be eager to contribute.


Millennials are the donors of the future. Make sure you know how to reach them!


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