3 Tips to Grow you Twitter Audience

TwitterTwitter can be a great way to advance your organization’s message – if used correctly.

Twitter’s greatest strength is the ease in which information can be passed from person to person…in 140 characters or less.

But this strength can also be a weakness. As easy as information about your organizations can be send out.  It can just as easily be lost in a stamped of Justin Bieber selfies and Kayne West’s incoherent ramblings.

Meg Rulli, Co-founder of ModMark Group recently wrote an article for Nonprofit Technology Network discussing the best way to Manage and grow your organization’s Twitter Audience.

Here are 3 ways you can grow your Twitter audience for your organization.

  1. Organize Your Twitter Dialogue – Organize your home-feed, sent Tweets, mentions, and scheduled Tweets into separate columns that can all be accessed on one dashboard. This will allow you to easily access your different conversations and engage with your community daily.
  2. Build Lists of Contacts – I love creating lists to organize not just our dialogue but our contacts. With Twitter, you can follow as many people as you like, which is a social media blessing… but also a curse. Lists fix this. Examples of some of the Twitter lists we have:
    1. Clients: So we can stay up to date with what our clients are discussing on Twitter – and chime in where appropriate
    2. Industry Influencers: People/organizations who we admire in the social media and the social good landscapes
    3. PR Contacts and Outlets: These are outlets where we someday want to be featured
  3. Scheduling – Schedule out your Twitter posts so you don’t have to be at the computer 24/7 sending out Tweets. A caution on automating everything, though: you want to frequently be having real conversations with people to keep things personal (and to stay on top of global and industry news). However, when you can’t be at your computer, scheduling is an excellent way to save you time.

Use these 3 tips to not only manage your current followers but to grow the audience further advancing the message of your organization.


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