3 Creative Ways to Develop a Loyal Following


With the digital world fueling many fundraising efforts today, there are many opportunities for success and increased profit. This success has recently become a product of creativity, with things like viral videos. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a prime example of this triumphant creativity.

Although these viral videos make for great success and increased gain for nonprofits, not all of us have such a strong following as the organizations that put forth these viral videos and bold social media tactics. Many organizations do not take this into account, and simply attempt to replicate successes of other organizations that may have a larger, loyal following.

The focus of nonprofits should not be on hastily creating posts they hope to be viral, as Philanthropy News Digest emphasizes. Instead, building a devoted audience and following should be top priority. Once this audience is established, they can spread the word, and the digital world will work its magic.

But, how do you help that magic happen?

Here are 3 ways you can build a devoted following made up of people who share your organization’s passion and challenges:

1.) Develop a memorable experience exclusively for your donors.
Let them know you appreciate them. Come up with a creative, never-been-done before way to say “thank you.” This reminds them why they picked to donate to your organization in the first place. Putting forth the effort acknowledges their loyalty and passion.

2.) Keep your supporters in the loop by inviting them to help make decisions.
Ask them to help pick your next campaign tagline, or the next event headliner. The creative interactivity will help them know that they are important and make them truly feel like a part of the organization they support.

3.) Add suspense to communications.
Add personal stories of donors who have been noticeably affected by their interactivity with your cause. Ask others to share their stories. If they see donors sharing their stories, others may be more inspired to share theirs.

Instead of wasting time and energy on unrealistic, “viral” tactics, use these tips to build up a passionate audience. The results will be beyond rewarding!

About the Author: Hannah is an undergraduate at The University of Iowa. She studies Communication Studies and Journalism. She hopes to one day work in Fashion Public Relations.


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