3 Reasons Your Non Profit Should Join the Online World

Online FundraisingOnline fundraising is a fairly new concept to many nonprofit organizations, but recently, online donations have skyrocketed to numbers that are hard to ignore. In an article by Alex Daniels and Anu Narayan in The Chronicle of Philanthropyone hundred of the nation’s largest nonprofits were surveyed and within that found that in 2014 alone, internet fundraising had increased a staggering thirteen percent from the year before.

With all of the fuss revolving around the internet and its impact on society, what really is the importance of utilizing its power in the nonprofit world?

Builds a sense of trust – Not only is the web easily accessible, but it gives current and future supporters the opportunity to do their own research on your organization and its purpose. An online presence is a great way to create transparency and build trust between your organization and the public. Updated social media outlets and live blogs allow people to see what you’re up to, and what your organization is doing to further the cause.

Creates a new way to give – Online donations can be done quickly and easily (if they are set up properly) from the comfort of home or even a mobile phone. If donating to a cause requires a thirty minute car ride or a phone call to an automated machine, one will be much less obligated to support said cause than if he or she could just type in a URL and enter in their credit card number.

Reaches a broader spectrum  –  The world wide web is exactly that – world wide. Allowing your organization to fundraise online is giving it the potential to reach people it may otherwise not have. For example, millennials grew up immersed in internet culture. They may not be easily reached by older ways of communication. It only makes sense to create a way that makes it easy for them to get involved and be apart of your organization.

Fundraising is the heart of all nonprofits. Without it, there is no nonprofit. Over the years, organizations have created countless ways to go about gaining the support of their communities, but as times change, so do effective ways to rally supporters into donating to your cause, so remaining in touch with new ways of communication is a vital aspect to sustaining a well known and charitable nonprofit.

Written by Elisabeth Tonner

About the Author: Elisabeth is an undergraduate in junior standing at the University of Iowa studying Journalism and Mass Communication while pursuing a certificate in fundraising and philanthropy communication. Her goals include becoming a reporter for E! News and starting a nonprofit clothing company in support of women’s rights.  


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