How Your Favorite Hobby Can Raise Money for a Cause

By Natalie Roytman

The Chronicle of Philanthropy shared an article about a fundraiser in Washington D.C for the Prevent Cancer Foundation where people played video games to raise money. Hundreds of people met at a hotel to complete videogames such as the Legend of Zelda as fast as possible in order to raise money to support the foundation.

The nonprofit raised $1.5 million during the sixth annual Awesome Games Done Quick marathon.

I think that this was a unique way of raising money to help a cause because people took something they loved doing and put it towards the benefit of others. They were able to get supporters across the world and create partnerships with companies who greatly supported the event.

You can take a hobby, like a sport or game, that several other people can relate with and turn it into a fundraiser for a charity. It is a fun and enjoyable way to do good for others.

.video-games (1)

image via RJH Solutions


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