4 Ways Nonprofits Can Achieve “Stillness” in 2015


It is all too often that we find ourselves flitting from task to task, swamped with work and not taking enough time to stop and ensure that we are balanced and in touch with our day.

As Beth Kanter states in her article entitled, What Nonprofits Need To Do More in 2015: Embrace Stillness, nonprofit professionals need to focus more on one thing in 2015: stillness.  Here are four helpful tips to ensure that you can arrive at this state of mind and achieve the life perspective you desire.

1) Step back from your daily existence

This is the crucial first step on the road to stillness. This is when you begin to see the larger picture in life; when you start to think about your day as a whole, rather than just the next check on your to-do list.

2) Sit still

There is no simpler way to put it.  Just sit at your desk and close the door.  Literally sit.  You can choose to close your eyes, or stare off into space; whatever will help you reach your inner zen.

3) Let your mind wander

Think about things other than work for a few minutes.  Think about what really, truly matters to you.  Stop thinking about the next email you need to send, or how great your desk setup could look with an Instagram filter.

4) Reflect

Even though so much of our time is consumed thinking about how many likes we get on social media, or how many things we have to get done throughout the day, it is always important to just take these few moments and remain blank.  Stillness is something that each and every person could benefit from, and it is something that should be encouraged within the workplace.

About the Author:

Elizabeth (Libby) Hewitt is a junior at the University of Iowa, studying Journalism & Mass Communications and Studio Art.  She is hoping to pursue a career in Public Relations after attending graduate school.


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