Your Social Media Identity As A Donor



Nicole Bradley

Do you ever think about how much your social media posts and habits impact how others see you?

Well, sure, your social media is obviously seen by “followers” and “friends”, but do you ever wonder if anyone outside of your “network” pays attention to your tweets, likes, posts, etc.?

According to a Chronicle of Philanthropy article, colleges and universities are sifting through alumni social media accounts in order to determine whether or not these alumni are likely to be donors.

When asked if this sort of behavior by organizations (in this situation, nonprofit) is an invasion of privacy, it’s a matter of opinion. One of the biggest debates today is whether or not it is right for business to social media “stalk” employees and potential employees.

There is a difference between nonprofit organizations using social media to personally connect with donors, so that donors know that their donations are making a difference. But when organizations are personally inspecting the social media sites of prospective donors, it could be seen as an invasion of privacy.

This type of activity by nonprofit organizations may make social media users more aware/hesitant of their habits on social media. It could go one of two ways:

1. Users who rarely donate could purposely monitor their social media habits to ensure that they are not encountered by a nonprofit asking to donate.

2. Regular donors will up their social media activity so that nonprofit organizations will reach out to them more frequently.

Whatever the case may be, social media users should always be conscious about their social media habits, because they never know who is watching!


About the author: Nicole Bradley is Journalism & Mass Communication student at the University of Iowa, and is in the process of receiving a certificate in Entrepreneurial Management. Outside of school, Nicole enjoys catching up on the news and is passionate about movies and the film industry.


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