Posted in February 2015

(Story)Tell it like it is

By Tarah DeSousa Employ these simple tips to engage your social media audience In an article about improving your social media “rates” (number of “likes,” ” shares,” “favorites,” “+1’s,” comments and replies), engagement blogger Scott Ayres lays out a scientific formula for attaining  followers:   While numbers are important, engaging stories are the candy that … Continue reading

8 Steps for Avoiding the Charity Walk Slump

A 2015 report shows your nonprofit’s charity athletic-event may be losing traction. Follow these eight steps to help your fundraising walk or run get back on its feet. By Maddie Bro Relay for Life. Race for the Cure. Walk to End Alzheimer’s. These longstanding charity events are the face of an American nonprofit tradition. However, an annual report published by … Continue reading

Hash-Tag Activism: Innovative or Lazy?

Is Social Media the Correct Tool for Activism? As our society becomes ever more entrenched in social media, more and more we begin to associate activism with a hash-tag. “#Black lives matter”, “#bring back our girls” and “# I can’t breath”, have been the rallying cry for social activist in the digital age. But as … Continue reading

Doing Good and Telling Good

Doing Good and Telling Good

By Katie Reynolds Non-profits are created to do good–to leave the world in a better state than they entered it. Not to say that this task is easy or natural. There are inevitable trials and unexpected roadblocks along the way–how are you telling your followers about them? An article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy recognizes the … Continue reading

4 Helpful Facts About Millennials’ Giving

According to experts, Millennials’ giving habits are unique, when compared to their older counterparts. Instant access to information and their low desire to affiliate with organizations influence their engagement with philanthropic groups. Their independence and large access to information leads them to be very particular about what or whom they wish to be associated with. … Continue reading

Passion Sparks “Pop-up Philanthropy”

By Eden Youngberg Have you ever seen something that you just couldn’t stop talking about because it touched you in some way or another? More than that, have you ever seen something and thought, “Wow, if this affected me this way, just think of whom else this could impact!” An article from The Chronicle of … Continue reading