Twitter to the Top: A Pictorial Guide

By Tarah DeSousa Visual note-taking has never been more virtual. Thanks to Sketchnotes on the Ipad Brushes app, you can upload your sketches for all the world to see.  Check out a few of these simple sketches on social media in general and Twitter specifically, created live during the Social Media Marketing World 2015 conference. So … Continue reading

2 Vidal Ways Corporations Can Benefit Your Nonprofit

Some companies just understand the importance of giving back to the community. They understand that nonprofits are out trying to make the world a better place, and working hard to do so. Many companies have even created giving programs within company policy that make their company able to provide more funds, in more ways, to more organizations. … Continue reading

Case Statement — Working Smarter Not Harder

Tips on Writing an compelling and successful Case Statement By: Drew Wherry – 20 April 2015 Case statements are important tools in the fundraiser’s tool box.  Done correctly they can save you time and manpower which in the world of philanthropy can be just as valuable as money. Sandy Rees, CFRE, a Knoxville, Tenn. based … Continue reading

Should You Donate to the Arts?

You probably read Romeo and Juliet multiple times between high school and college classes. You have probably sat through an extremely boring play where the actors were so terrible that you wanted to roll your playbill up and shove it in your ears. So when I tell you that it is important for philanthropists to … Continue reading

Your Nonprofit & Pinterest

Pinterest is still a fairly new social media platform. However, attracting more than 19 million visitors, it’s one of the fourth most trafficked social networking sites. With heavy traffic from unique users, it’s time your nonprofit joined the world of Pinterest. For those of us who need a little help, here’s a step-by-step-tutorial on how … Continue reading

Improvised Leadership in your Non-Profit

Improvised Leadership in your Non-Profit

By Katie Reynolds Beth Kanter recently published a post entitled, ‘What Improvisation Can Teach Social Change Leaders’. The blog explained and recounted a recent workshop wherein the attendees were taught the importance of maintaining order when control is not present. This scenario is all too often true in the fast-paced world that we operate in. … Continue reading

Refreshing Old Rules of Fundraising

The book Designs for Fundraising by Harold J. Seymour, a fundraising and philanthropy expert in the 60’s, has been discovered and published by close friend Jerold Panas. The Chronicle of Philanthropy article says that a three-ring binder full of wisdom and advice about fundraising was given to Panas by Seymour, and Panas just rediscovered it in his home. Panas … Continue reading