How should you share?

By Tarah DeSousa There’s no question that social media has changed the way you communicate in your nonprofit.  But are you sharing the right content, on the right platforms?  An article on social sharing habits reveals new research on how, where and what people share. Read on to revamp your communication strategy today. Move to … Continue reading

3 Keys to Positive, Productive Donor Relationships

Thinking of your donors as partners rather than bags of money will improve donors’ happiness and lead to increased funds for your nonprofit organization, according to an expert. By Maddie Bro “We become what we think about.” This phrase, coined by self-help speaker and author Earl Nightingale, reflects his observation about human behavior: our thoughts influence our actions, beliefs, and relationships. … Continue reading

How to Spot Red Flags within Your Nonprofit

We hear on the news consistently of businesses and nonprofits alike running low on cash, going bankrupt, and shutting down. It seems though, that there should be checks in place to prevent such fallout from happening. Were board members neglecting financial paperwork? Ignoring signs of diminishing cash flow? It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly leads … Continue reading

How minorities can make or break your non-profit organization

By Jake Mosbach A new study has suggested that, among donors, caucasians are grossly overrepresented compared to their total population.  On the other end of the spectrum, Hispanics and African Americans are greatly underrepresented, and this could be having a large impact on some non-profit organizations’ fundraising environment. According to the study, non-profits in today’s … Continue reading

4 Tips for Corporate Engagement

In the year 2014, U.S. corporations donated more than $18 billion to nonprofits — and billions more if you include the value of employee volunteerism. Philanthropy has become a staple in the corporate world, as successful companies are beginning to see the benefits of committing to nonprofit organizations. Business strategies now include components of citizenship … Continue reading

Controversial Donations

Money is money, right? Wrong. A recent article demonstrates examples where donated money and the organization it comes from has a lot to do with whether or not a nonprofit being offered the money will accept the money. A particular porn site known as Hump the Bundle raised over $15,000 in donations, but it seems … Continue reading

Dividing Up Your New Media Time as a NonProfit

Does your nonprofit have a full- or part-time new media manager? If yes, are they spending the recommended amount of time working on each media? If no, why not? Nonprofit Tech for Good recently released an article discussing some tips given in the book Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits. The article … Continue reading