Journal #8: Giving Messages

FIRST JOURNAL ENTRY FOR JOURNAL #3… This does not need to be turned in on November 5. Using one of the organizations that you follow, create a giving message asking a constituent group to make a contribution to the organization. Be sure that message: Gives them a compelling reason to give Focuses on the “why” … Continue reading

Soundslides tips

Soundslides saves your project in a folder. You need the whole folder to work on the project. When you create a new project, Soundslides will generate a “project” folder. This is what you’ll need when you want to open it again. Choose “OLD: Load a project” and select the project folder. Remember to edit your … Continue reading

Africa’s Unfunded Potential

By Paige Pfaffe The generous financial support thrown at the prevention of the Ebola disease is one of the dominating topics in the media lately. We are to be impressed by the large sums of money these people are handing over. What we don’t hear as much about is how that money will be implemented to provide … Continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Donations

It seems like everything during the month of October is “pink washed,” a term used to describe the way products suddenly turn pink to ‘support’ breast cancer or “Save the Tatas.” What most consumers don’t know however, is there is no law that mandates donations when a product is pink washed. Consumers only think their … Continue reading

Nonprofits Fight Ebola

In the past few months, Ebola has become a household topic. This virus has killed more than 2,400 people since the breakout first began in Guinea in March. As the virus began to spread to the United States, various efforts have been made to fight against the outbreak. The United States announced that 3,000 military … Continue reading

A Story of Seattle’s Non-Profit

Have you ever wondered how to raise more money for your non-profit organization? That is a question all of us in world of non-profits ponder on a regular basis. The foundation of running a successful non-profit is always focused on fundraising.  It takes a substantial amount of money to ultimately keep an organization running and having … Continue reading

A Foundation’s Journey to End Ebola

The Paul Allen Family Foundation is a foundation that has invested nearly half of a billion dollars into improving communities throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Since the outbreak of Ebola has increased, they are making it their main priority to help put an end to this ghastly disease. When the outbreak began, the Paul … Continue reading

Purchase = Support

By: Lindsey Schmidt Did you know buying your favorite brands can help with HIV/AIDS problems in Africa. Say what? Yes, it is true. Since 2008, the (RED) campaign has products specifically designed for proceeds to go to HIV/AIDs programs in Africa. Bono, of the rock band U2, created this campaign with many top brands of today’s everyday … Continue reading