A Great Partnership

The University of Minnesota Health has just announced a $25 million gift that was received from the Minnesota Masonic Charities. This generous gift is going to be benefitting the The University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital. The donation will be used to make the patient’s experience more beneficial. It will also support further research in certain … Continue reading

For-profit publisher moves to the third sector

By Ashley Lindley Last Thursday, the for-profit book and magazine publisher McSweeney’s decided to become a nonprofit organization. The independent publisher, led by Dave Eggers, wants to make the switch so that they can publish more material in areas traditional publishers often ignore – like poetry and foreign translations. By becoming a nonprofit, McSweeney’s can … Continue reading

But first let me take a Selfie…

    Ellen Degeneres shows off her selfie-skills at the Oscars The concept of a  “Selfie” has taken over the social media board and even made its way into the Oxford Dictionary as of this year. What is a selfie you might ask? Oxford defines it as “a photograph that a person takes of oneself, … Continue reading

Epidemics and Philanthropy

When the world faces a new challenge whose job is it to take the lead in solving the issue? Is it each individuals, philanthropic organizations, or the governments? According to an article posted in The Chronicle of Philanthropy entitled, U.N. Makes Urgent Call for Donations to Ebola Trust Fund, General Ban Ki-moon is calling out to … Continue reading