Games for good

By Fei Li For more than 1 billion gamers on the website, mobile phones or offline activities, you can donate or raise money to your choice of nonprofits by playing games. Games like Farmville2, Chefville and Zynga Poker, have successfully raised money for charities for, Save the Children, World Food Programme and feeding America. … Continue reading

Generosity Starting At Youth

By: Lindsey Schmidt Philanthropic efforts are no longer just for adults, children can become involved too. The Learning Experience and Make-A-Wish are leading the way. The Learning Experience (TLE), is an early learning academy in Manalapan, NJ. TLE is a fast growing academy in child care and early education services. TLE offers part to full-time services … Continue reading

Technology Innovations Aid Giving

By Emily Wright Its no surprise technology has had an impact on the world today, and the impact is growing exponentially with each year. Its prime time for nonprofit organizations and philanthropies to cash in on these innovations. According to the Guardian, text-in donation is just like a digital donation tin can that has grown … Continue reading

Pandas Providing Hope

By Paige Pfaffe The search for a cure continues in one hopeful city. On September 14, 2014, City of Hope, a leading research and cancer treatment center in Duarte California welcomed a $2.5 million grant from the Panda Restaurant Group’s Charitable Foundation. The organization will use the funds to further their research surrounding the use of … Continue reading

Philanthropy organizations supporting child refugees: A growing phenomena

In 2011, roughly 6,000 child refugees came to America after escaping violence in their home countries.  This number is expected to grow immensely this year. 80,000-120,000 children are predicated to flea from Central American countries in 2014.  This rise in child refugees has sparked many philanthropic campaigns throughout the country. Many of these newly founded organizations … Continue reading

Online Donating Made Even Easier

By: Sierra Osborn   If online donating works on a website, what will stop it from working on social media? Twitter tests their new ‘buy’ button with seven different nonprofits, allowing viewers to donate directly to the nonprofit through a tweet.   Some of the nonprofits on the list of testers include: 9/11 Day of … Continue reading

CLICK! You have just donated via Twitter

The social media world has become even more advanced; in particular, Twitter is in the process of stepping up their game. Imagine if the millions of Twitter users were able to give donations with a click of a button to philanthropic organizations. Would this enable more people to give to organizations? Would it be labeled as “lazy … Continue reading