The next generation of givers: young women?

When it comes to charitable giving, the trend has been older and religious is the best bet for getting money. But a new study has shown one demographic is turning the tide: young women, unaffiliated with religion. According to the report, Generation X and Millennial women give two-and-a-half times more money to charity than their … Continue reading

Radio Schooling In Liberia

By Caleb Bednarz Learning via school usually comes in two ways: going to school or being home-schooled but ever since ebola has struck Africa, there have been rules set in place about large gatherings at schools. Therefore, the schools are shut down and local radio stations are airing education lessons on the radio. Educators in … Continue reading

Charitable for-profits, a winning combo?

By Caroline Altenbern The holidays are just around the corner. Among all of the holiday advertising clutter, this one stuck out to me. Toms partnered with Target this holiday season to sell Toms branded products in Target stores with their “one for one” donation model. This holiday season, if you decide to purchase a Toms … Continue reading

Nonprofits and Impactful Images

A picture may say a thousand words but can it bring in a thousand dollars? Network For Good Vice President, Caryn Stein, interviewed Nathan Dalton, of PhotoPhilanthropy, to get his tips for creating a photo that calls people to action and to donate. PhotoPhylanthropy is an organization that allows photographers and nonprofits to promote their cause … Continue reading

What Your Nonprofit Should Know About Twitter

by Ali Krogman As a nonprofit organization, you need to keep up with social media’s ever-changing world. The worst thing you can do is fall behind in digital communication, as this is increasingly becoming the main form of communication in today’s society. According to an article by, Twitter recently announced changes it will be … Continue reading

Feeding A Child…One Share at a Time

  Source: Memeburn Tech Analysis We have all seen it. The ever cliche Facebook status that is shared to promise a donation to charity. Since it is such a common thing now a days, a sight of one of those statuses causes me to wonder if they are actually making a difference. After learning about the … Continue reading

Journal #10: Social Media

Pick an online social media tool OTHER THAN FACEBOOK (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, etc.) and compare and contrast how your organizations use it. If they (or one organization) don’t use a particular social media tool, discuss why you think they should or should not use this tool.